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Hardie and Company is a strategically driven branding, marketing and consultancy firm with over 20 years of delivering on a promise. We offer an extensive background in all aspects of brand development, marketing and advertising, easily moving from vision and strategy, to creative development and delivery.

Our clients range from commercial to public/non-profit sectors. We have created branding for the Innisfil Public Library, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Mental Health Association, Tilley Endurables, Richards-Wilcox Doors,  Canadian Greenhouse Conference, Rosseau Lake College, and BASF, to name a few. We have designed primary campaigns for: Osteoporosis Canada, Canadian Living Magazine, Church & Dwight, and many more.

Our impressive roster of businesses, non-profits and marketers pay attention to the strategy behind their branding, advertising and promotional efforts. As you can imagine, this makes us critical thinkers.

So, whether you are developing your library's branded identity, an advertising campaign, or a fundraising effort — everything is strategic, and we will be with you every step of the way.



Consultant & Brand Strategist

Jamie is the principal partner and strategist of Hardie and Company,
with over 20 years of experience in influencing public perception, and strategically driven brand marketing.

As a consultant, advertising and design strategist, copy writer and facilitator, Jamie has helped businesses achieve success in their promotions, and solicited consistently high advertising response rates to efforts, as well as building brands that stand out.


Art Director & Lead Designer

As a Graphic Designer with 20+ years experience, Sydney has worked with clients in a vast range of industries and services, creating works from concept to completion, ensuring messaging is visually portrayed with effectiveness and consistency.

“Good Design is not just a pretty picture. The final product is a blend of research,  understanding, ideas and inspiration. Design is the strongest element that can differentiate a product or service in the marketplace.”


Graphic Designer

With a keen eye for detail, and extensive experience working on every kind of project imaginable, from Annual Reports to Trade Show Displays, Christa can handle even the most challenging project with aplomb and great humour.


Office Administrator

Amanda is the glue that holds the whole operation together.
Whether getting Jamie to appointments on time or keeping track of job dockets, Amanda makes sure it all gets done, with a smile!


Tel: 705-436-5120


Innisfil, ON

© 2016   Hardie and Company


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