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"We knew that the branding process would revitalize our staff and our image in the community, but we didn’t know where to start.  Hardie & Company knew, and they were willing to work within our limited budget.  Everyone loves our new look and it came just in time as we are undertaking a major capital campaign for our recently approved new building. Thank you Hardie & Company."

                                                     - Jennifer Lachapelle

                                      CEO, Clearview Public Library
 OPLA VP/President 2016-2017
, FOPL Board Member

"We'd just completed our 3-year Strategic Plan when I came across Hardie and Company at the 2016 OLA SuperConference. I was delighted and after a few thought-provoking questions followed by a creative exercise, Jamie was able to offer some sound advice.
They expressed a genuine desire to work with libraries and their familiarity with the unique challenges facing libraries, and the attempts/methods that many libraries have taken to overcome these, appealed to both myself and the Library Board.
Jamie worked closely with our project team, responding constructively in interpreting and working with our feedback. The finished product exceeded our expectations in regards to creating a fantastic brand image whilst also maximising functionality.
Working with Hardie and Company was a great decision. They are an absolute pleasure to work with."


                                               - Tammy Robinson

                                        Chief Executive Officer

                           Cobourg Public Library System

"I can certainly say that our relationship with Hardie and Company had the most dramatic impact
in our brand development, our staff attitudes toward marketing our services, and our community's changing perception of our role. They have helped us uncover our own unique personality driven brand, with beautiful creative, and a passion to bring our brand to life. We definitely share a mutual desire to help transform an industry and change public perception on a larger scale."

- Susan Downs, CEO, Innisfil ideaLAB & Library


"We knew what we wanted – but we didn’t know how to express it, or how far to push it. Hardie & Company were our guides to making this happen, and in a much deeper, farther reaching way than we had ever imagined.

The spectacular creative, inspiring messaging, and insightful concept developed by Hardie and Company portrayed us in a modern and vibrant light, one that truly illustrated the spirit of our Library. This strategic repositioning and calibre of creative set a new standard for marketing and branding at the Innisfil Public Library . And if I recall correctly, our
CEO was overwhelmed to the point of tears."

- Erin Scuccimarri, Innisfil ideaLAB & Library

"Hi Jamie and thank you again for yet another wonderful marketing session at this years OLA Super Conference. I agree, we must reinvent ourselves and work smarter to garner the attention we need to make a real impact beyond our doors. The strategies and insights I discovered at your session inspire me to push further to really change our general publics hearts and minds. Thanks again Hardie & Company.”

                                 - Michele McKenzie, CPL

Attendee feedback from Staff Training session London Public Library

  Thought provoking. Very dynamic and down to earth.  His message was good and relevant to our restructuring.

  Excellent!  Excellent speaker - best yet for our staff day.  Loved the ideas on marketing and branding - very relevant

  Good speaker, got us thinking about our image in a different way.  It's helpful to have people outside the organization give us insight into what we do

  Good - liked he was library experienced. He knew more about libraries than other "marketing types".  I didn't agree with all he said but it still made me think

  Speaker was great - handled questions from staff very well. Found his ideas on branding relevant to the library

  Liked learning more about various aspects/definitions of marketing.  Can tell he has a deep understanding of marketing principles and can convey them well. Very engaging, interesting and worthwhile

  A real TED talk was super good I thought

  Thought exercises were interesting and relevant/speaker (esp, Jamie) was interesting & thought-provoking - interesting POV.

  Thought-provoking and inspiring


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