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New Home for Innisfil Public Library

While the Innisfil Public Library was undergoing renovations and expansion in 2013, Hardie and Company developed a new logo for the temporary home of the library and their newly developed ideaLAB.

With maker, film and recording spaces and an emphasis on a hacker mentality, the goal was to convey motion, discovery, exploration, and unexpected opportunities to create, transformation and relate to the town of Innisfil in some small way.

The solution for the logo was a marriage of Rubik’s Cube, Map and Skyline; Rubik’s Cube = challenge and change (and allowed us to incorporate the many vibrant colours of the Town of Innisfil Identity) Unfolding Map = the spirit of discovery, paper, and the “unfolding” of opportunities Skyline = book spines, evolution and the growth of Innisfil



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