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Kawartha Lakes proud to announce new branding for Library

With great excitement and pride the Kawartha Lakes Public Library unveiled its new branding, logo design and tagline. In the making for a few years now, the goal of the rebranding efforts was to articulate the library’s ultimate mission of accessibility and connection. After speaking extensively with the library staff about what the library means to them and represents to the community, it was clear what direction the branding should take: The overall theme of the revamp is constellations and stars in the night sky, and its significance comes to light through each aspect of the branding.

The Kawartha Lakes Public Library system encompasses 14 branches that serve the surrounding community in a variety of ways. The new tagline, “Millions of Opportunities. One Exceptional Library,” expresses the vastness of the library’s reach and the many resources it provides. The Library Board and its staff wish to communicate how plentiful the opportunities are in its libraries for its members and anyone who needs assistance. People can and do come to use the Wifi for recreation or work, an amenity which serves to help lower income residents and fight inequity. Many use the books, computers or just a quiet space to do their work. The programs offered to library patrons range from coding classes to drop-in programs for families to gardening workshops. Inclusion and accessibility is a priority for the library.

The library’s logo mixes the new with the old. Keeping the blues and oranges of the original logo was an important touchstone to include. It is a reminder that the library is still a familiar and welcoming place in the community. The constellation motif that takes center stage has a significant meaning: Even though there are many branches of the library that reach many people, everyone is connected in the overarching system of the library as one unit. The theme of connection is what makes the Kawartha Lakes Public Library so special.

Kawartha Lake Library old logo

To complete this undertaking, the Library Board acquired the services of marketing firm Hardie and Company. The library system was thrilled to find a local company with such an impressive body of work and strong mission of its own. Located in Innisfil, Ontario, their keen eyes for the library’s mission and their prior experience with branding for libraries made them a great choice for the needs of this project.



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