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Clearview Public Library reveals new brand, logo

The Clearview Township Public Library has opened the page on a new brand.

On Monday, library board chairperson Bob Charleton unveiled the library’s new logo to township council. The logo is similar to the township’s logo, with the ‘C’ enveloped by a partial speech balloon. The logo also carries the tagline, ‘Great stories found here’.

Charleton said the library has struggled with its identity since the amalgamation of four municipalities into Clearview Township in 1993. At the time, Stayner, Creemore, and Sunnidale Township operated libraries that became part of one system under municipal amalgamation.

“We’re trying to move away from the idea of the identity of the three branches by location, and have an identity of the branches as part of the library of Clearview Township,” Charleton said. “None operate independently of each other, and they share staffing, resources, and technology.”

Charleton said the board’s goal was to distinguish the library from other libraries as a place that’s “unique.”

The Clearview Township Public Library, he told councillors, is a “place of discovery. It's warm, approachable, open – a living room of the community.

“It’s a place that (offers) a whole lot more than borrowing books,” he said.

Charleton told council the next step would be to create new signs for the Creemore and New Lowell library locations. The Stayner branch, he said, could make do with a temporary sign until it’s determined where the branch will be located.



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