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Cobourg Library unveils new logo and tagline

A fresh, colourful logo now welcomes you at the Cobourg Public Library.

If it looks familiar, you may recognize it as a pictorial representation of the child’s puzzle toy, the tangram, whose pieces fit together to make whatever shape or object a child wants to create. Replacing the old tagline Your Information Destination, the new tagline is "For You..." At least that’s the running part. When used on a poster of newsletter, the second half of the tagline will reflect the matter at hand, as in For You — Collaborations! or For You — Adventurers! or For You — Creators! Hardie and Company creative strategist Jamie Hardie discussed the process by which the logo was brought to fruition. “A long-term investment, a logo ideally, develops value over time. Our goal is to build it to something the public will recognize quickly and associate it with great feelings,” he told those gathered for the occasion. By deciding on traits its members wanted associated with the library in the future CPL chose vitality, a sense of play, collaboration and a dash of the unexpected. Hardie shared the process of choosing elements of design to convey such traits. The final design, a variation on a tangram toy suggests playfulness and a spring colour palette, vitality. Adding a splash as a bow to the “unexpected” trait. Collaboration in how the pieces fit together. Vitality and playfulness come into play as the library takes the basic shapes of the tangram toy to put together new forms (a boat, a rocket, an animals) or just frolicsome jumbles of colours and shapes (as seen at the foot of their new letterhead, for example). “The spring colour palette suggests vitality, and the sun-and-surf atmosphere in Cobourg,” Hardie said. The Calibri typeface for the name of the library is large, crisp and clear, Robinson said, ideal for seniors. Administrative assistant Jocelyn Gard said the tagline typeface is called Pleasure. “It’s a little nod to what people find in the library,” she said. “We have had the other logo for so long, and this is totally not what you would expect — everyone thinks there will be a book in there, or a computer,” Robinson said. “We decided we are not going to do that, because we're changing and we need something that is going to change with us. “We are going to have fun with this one, I think, creating different images with it and the way we use it.”



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